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  1. I live in Orange County and I am the representative for my sons SSI payments and want to provide an update on the testimonial I gave several months ago. Three years ago in LA County I began fighting with the SSA (Social Security Adminstration) regarding a $3,700 over payment they claimed was owed on my sons case because of my unemployment. Although I took them all of my unemployment pay stubs that proved I was not overpaid by SSA they still would not correct their records nor waive the over payment. I continued to try to resolve the matter on my own by filing an appeal but they kept loosing the paperwork. I then requested a hearing with a Judge and they lost that paperwork too until I provided them with a copy of the request and filed a complaint against the case manager. I was told it would take about 1 year or longer to get a hearing with a judge but it didn’t matter to me how long it took as long as the case would be heard by a judge! Month after month I attempted to try to resolve the matter through different SSA employees and supervisors regarding the over payment but to no avail. I was really at my wits end and was very tired, hurt and frustrated. I also had a Representative from Long Beach Legal Aid as well as a Legal Attorney who both worked on the case for awhile but because of the complexity of the case they dropped the case which left me back to square one and on my own. In the meantime, I was forced to continue making payments towards the over payment which was a hardship. Then to make matters worse after I called again to try to resolve the matter I was told over the phone by the now angry and vindictive case manager that there was another over payment on the case in the amount of 18,000 and my sons SSI payments would be stopped the next month because my son was no longer eligible to receive payments due to an over the limit resource amount. From the time my son had been receiving SSI, I had never been told any information by anyone from SSA regarding over the resource limits, therefore, I requested another waiver and it too was denied. To my dismay my sons payments were stopped for an entire year…I was devastated! About a month before the hearing I was introduced to Marnice Smith of MSNH who represented me at the hearing on April 25, 2014 and I am so very pleased to say that I finally received the judges decision five months later on Friday, September 26, 2014 which was “FULLY FAVORABLE” and both over payments totaling over $22,000 were waived, thank you Jesus!!! Now SSA owes me over $11,000 dollars that they withheld in payments and that I paid towards the over payments…to God be the GLORY!!! Thank you so much Marnice and MSNH I am forever grateful and thankful to God for bringing you into my life to help me bring this injustice to an end…you did in less than five months what I was unable to do after trying on my own for over three years, yay!!!nn1nn1nn1

  2. I am a senior living in Palm Desert, CA and my sole source of income is social security. Eight months ago I developed a serious medical condition that needed immediate attention. I had no medical insurance, wouldn’t be eligible for Medicare for another eight months, and was denied Medical because my income was $29 a month higher than their eligibility requirement. I called “Covered California” and was quoted monthly premiums that I couldn’t afford. Then I called Marnice Smith at Meeting Seniors Needs Hotline and she explained several other options that I wasn’t aware of. One of the options that she helped me pursue got me the immediate care I needed, at no cost. Marnice saved my life, what more can I say. She’s knowledgeable, patient, understanding, caring, and most of all dedicated to helping those in need…. Get what they need!

  3. I am a 67 year old senior, living in Palm Desert, CA and was referred to MSNH by the Riverside County “211 Community Connect” Resource Center. When I explained my situation to Marnice Smith, the founder of Meeting Seniors Needs Hotline (MSNH), she was appalled by the In-Sensitive and Non-Responsive behavior of those parties who had created my situation. She immediately explained my rights and offered to be my advocate in getting those parties to “step-up and do what’s right”. As my advocate she has given 110% of herself in getting things organized and expedited. This has been a tremendous relief to me, having such a knowledgeable, experienced, and caring person represent and support me during this most trying time.

    If you are a senior, veteran, person with a disability, or one who cares for someone in one of these groups, and are in need of help of any kind, I strongly recommend that you call MSNH. I have seen Marnice and her lifestyle advocates, time and time again, go above and beyond to help people get whatever they need. They are one of the most understanding, caring, and committed groups of people I’ve ever met. Their dedication to help our most vulnerable community members speaks volumes about them. If you share this love and concern for our most vulnerable community members, I suggest that you call MSNH to see how you can help.

  4. I live in the Orange County area and as the representative for my son I have been fighting with the Social Security Administration (SSA) for the past three years to waive two SSI Overpayments that are in error and for them to release a year of withheld payments! Over a prayer line I was sharing with a friend about my need for a representative with an upcoming hearing on Friday, April 25th. She highly recommended and referred me to Marnice Smith of MSNH who helped her and her friend. I met with Marnice that same day and was very impressed with her knowledge, passion and compassion of my situation. On the spot Marnice agreed to become my representative and began preparing the paper work and faxing the request to SSA to try to get the case settled before the hearing. Unfortunately, SSA did not settle the case before the hearing date and we had to attend the hearing. Marnice was amazing and I felt totally at ease just having her there with me during the whole process of the hearing. We got to talk and connect with one another and I thank God for connecting me to Marnice…she is not only beautiful but she has a heart and a gift from God to help others! MSNH is requesting that SSA waive the $22,000 over payment and release the year of withheld SSI payments owed to my son…we are still waiting to hear the judges decision which I know that because of Marnice it will be in my favor!

    In addition to helping me with my son’s SSA case Marnice will also be representing me with my son’s upcoming IEP Conference Call. My son and I have been totally stressed to the point of serious illness due to the stress with his on-line public school workload and non-compliance of his IEP with his teachers. I have been in constant communication with his teachers but his teachers has refused to comply with his IEP Admendments and Modifications instead they have been creating more classes and/or assignments adding to his already overwhelming workload. During our meeting Marnice asked how my son was doing in school and after sharing with Marnice the situation with his school she immediately requested another IEP with his school that will take place on Friday, May 23rd. I am confident that with Marnice as my representative and with her professionalism, expertise, knowledge and care for her clients we will receive what we are requesting which is less work, modified assignments, untimed tests/quizzes as well as providing him with daily in-home teacher support!!!

  5. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer for MSNH and work with Marnice Smith it’s a great place to work for. If you don’t have the time to volunteer and would like to help out MSNH and the seniors, veterans and persons with disability, donating is another great way to help out. Any donations would be great and greatly appreciated. (All Donations are Tax Deductible)

  6. I am 39 years old and I live in Riverside California, I was introduced to Marnice Smith, Founder of Meeting Seniors Needs Hotline (MSNH) through the Riverside County GAIN office. I volunteered for Marnice for little over a year. Marnice is the kind of person that works very hard goes out of her way to make sure that whatever it is that needs to be done gets done. She also goes to senior centers to visit seniors just to see if there’s anything she can do to help or just to talk to the seniors to make them happy and put a smile on there faces. MSNH also likes to throw little parties for the seniors to make them feel young and still appreciated. MSNH also goes out and feed the homeless people especially around the holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Marnice you are an angel sent from above you have a heart of gold, It’s been an honor and privilege to work with. Miss you all keep up the good work that you do for the seniors and people with disabilities in the community.
    This is My testimonial

  7. I am a 59 year old senior resident of Moreno Valley, CA. I was going through so many obstacles being newly disabled and not ever having to depend on the county or state for any assistance. I was just about on my last string and ready to give up I ran into Marnice and she was like an angel sent from heaven. She was very helpful and understood that I was upset because I did not understand what was going on with Housing Authority and In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Programs. I just want to say this program has worked miracles in my life and my family’s . I just want to say Thank You and you are very appreciated.
    Love Grace & Rasheedah

  8. Marnice Smith, I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much you have meant to us lately. When things start getting from bad to worse, you came along and help us with our son who is Autistic Individualize Educational Plan (IEP) and his legal rights/entitlements here in Murrieta, CA. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf to take these mountains of issues and solving them promptly and efficiently. Truly you are God send to us at the right time of our journey. Also, I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the words of encouragement and moral support you gave me during those stressful days.

  9. We wanted to take a moment to share about an MSNH client who passed away May 2013. Her name was Debra who contacted us February 2013 referred by her friend Lafonta. Her doctor who works in the Los Angeles County area visually diagnosed her 3 years prior to contacting our office with several very serious medical conditions that went untreated / unconfirmed for approximately 3 years because Debra did not have health insurance. When we finally received a call from Debra requesting our support we immediately acted. We made a home visit to Debra’s residence having her complete required forms for Social Security, Medi-Cal, Calfresh, IHSS programs. Within 24 to 48 hours Debra was approved for Medi-Cal, IHSS / a Caregiver, Calfresh, and SSDI was pending. Debra was approved for approximately 66 IHSS hours per month to have a caregiver in her home to assist her with activities for daily living. Due to the severity of her conditions, MSNH requested additional IHSS services to ensure her safety management denied our request. March 25,2013 we received a prescription detailing Debra’s visual medical DX and briefly spoke to her doctor who added that she was borderline 51/50 and was in denial of her conditions. Immediately Marnice Smith rushed to Debra’s home, picked Debra up and rushed her to St. Francis Hospital, she stayed with Debra from 6:00 pm until 3:45 am the following morning. Marnice Smith sat through the entire emergency room process until she was admitted and transported to her room. Marnice Smith reviewed Debra’s goals with medical staff to have TX physician assign a specialist to confirm all medical DX that were previously visually DX and requested treatment. Debra was then transferred to UCLA. UCLA refused to release Debra without assurance that she would have a 24 hr. caregiver at her home. MSNH continued efforts with IHSS management who denied maximum services / 280 IHSS Hrs. Meanwhile MSNH went to work in satisfying all of DDS requirements. Debra was transferred to a skilled nursing facility and due to her medical status wasn’t capable of making a decision to release herself. Within a few days Debra discharged herself from the skilled nursing facility. MSNH was attempting to notify Debra of the great news that DDS approved her SSDI within record breaking time and that she could expect her first payment June 2013, but when we didn’t reach her we contacted her apartment manager May 26, 2013 who shared she had passed away. Debra was an amazing woman who contributed to her community and to the lives of others there in Duarte, CA Los Angeles County. She worked as a Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster for several years . . . . I remember Debra exercising her adjusting skills during her hospital stay . . . . it made me smile. LESSON: Although someone with severe medical disabilities can hold a conversation with medical staff, or a social worker etc. doesn’t me that they are competent to handle their affairs financially or medically.

  10. I am a new senior my name is Deborah Bailey-Hill. I had very little knowledge of what resources were available. March 2014 MSNH advocates assisted with having my utility company waive over $1,000.00 off my bill, they called various utility companies and made payment arrangements and worked with Community Action Partners LIHEAP Program who placed a pledge on another utility account. It saved me time and travel of having to go physically into these programs to apply and accomplish my goals timely. MSNH gives seniors great advantages and healthy opportunities for a successful life. MSNH offers a variety of services and go over and above the call of duty. Everyone at MSNH is kind, knowledgeable, patient and fast. There should be an MSNH office in every city, every state and across America. I am happy to have MSNH and Marnice Smith and their volunteers servicing the Moreno Valley Area. Like me, I urge everyone to tell a friend.

  11. MSNH helped me get MSI (Orange County Health Insurance) started in a very short time. I want to thank MSNH and their volunteers for helping me otherwise without their help I would have had to wait for MSI process which we all know is very slow. I was in need of medications that I could not afford. Even though I live in Orange County they were able to help thank you.

  12. Thank God for Marnice Smith and her volunteer staff at Meeting Senior Needs Hotline!!! I had spent a couple of days calling various agencies asking for insight and direction as to how to find a facility that would fit my ex-mother-in-law’s urgent placement needs based on her limited income. I found myself in a maze of governmental requirements and paperwork that I knew so little about. Where to start was a puzzle. In my growing pile of information, I spotted a phone number I had not yet called. Marnice answered and after sharing my ex-mother-in law’s situation Marnice quickly scheduled our first meeting on Christmas Eve at 10:00 in the morning! Meeting with Marnice and MSNH was like meeting with a representative of each and every branch of government at one central place! At every turn in this journey, Marnice and her staff went above and beyond for my family! Marnice hand-carried required paperwork to complete the Medical process within ten working days… without this process completed our options for facility placement was zero. Marnice’s experience and knowledge was incredible, but most deeply valued was the true concern and love that Marnice and her staff have displayed for those who are defenseless, disabled and in need. Is this not the heart of God? I say YES and AMEN and THANK GOD for Marnice and MSNH!

  13. Thank you so very much for the assistance you have given me. After waiting approximately three (3) months I spoke with Ms. Smith in regards to my Social Security Claim. Ms. Smith was able to assist me in getting my benefits paid. In about three week, my deposit was made. Thank you again Ms. Smith for all you have done.

  14. I would like to acknowledge Marnice Smith and staff from MSNH for all the wonderful help in doing the work and guideing the family in finding the help needed for my Mother. We as a family were lost in which way to deal with all as to doing the right thing for my Mother. MSNH was so instrumental and knowledgable in the help needed for the best care for Her. They were there for us in inspireing, encourageing, and supporting the family. We applaud MSNH for they did go beyond the call in helping us with such an important matter. We do feel that Mom is being cared for in the best way…………… You have our endorsement MSNH, for you all have been the angels at our side during a very hard time for us. We honor and respect MSNH for all the help given to us. Blessings-Linda Salinas-Thompson

  15. Marnice Smith and the staff at MSNH are advocates in the truest sense of the word. Not only are they knowledgable about the multitude of services and programs available for senior citizens but they also have passion and empathy. They were instrumental in assisting my family in obtaining Medical approval for my grandmother in ten working days and locating – and actually visiting – a facility which met the requirements of my grandmother’s needs. It would take pages to list all that they have done for us. Without their assistance I honestly do not know how we would have been able to obtain the care my grandmother so desperately needed. In cases such as this simply saying thank you does not convey my gratitude.

  16. Marnice and Meeting Seniors Need staff were very instrumental in communicating with my apartment manager in keeping me from getting evicted. Without her I don’t know where I would be, her being my advocate kept a roof over my head. She also was helpful in expediting my In Home Care Benefits. I am very grateful for all that Marnice has done for me .

  17. I have nothing but positive things to say about MSNH. I have received total support and appreciate the assistance I have had by Ms. Marlene Smith and her staff. My case of which has been filed an insurance claim has been complicated, time cosuming with a great need of support. I have received a great deal of help with professional care and complet understanding. I have confidence that all will turn out well. As a senior I appreciated all of the assistance I have received. There is no doubt more support and more membership is needed for MSNH as this organization is doing a great deal to help in various areas. For myself I hope to assit this organization as time comes on as they are truly trying to help in everyway they can. I consider myself most fortunate in having MSNH by my side.

  18. My journey with Meeting Senior Needs has be very fullfilling. I have always wanted to help people along with having a positive impact in my community. Meeting Senior Needs not only assisted me in my personal challenges, but it also enlighten my awareness of the needs of other people within my community. The rewards in working here has been life changing for me and provided me with whole new perspective on the needs of Seniors, Veterans and Person Disabilities. I also recieved first hand assistane regarding my own family members, which was appreciated and needed from Marnice. I am more than willing to share this program with anyone who is in need of help. Marnice is truely an ANGEL IN THE OUTFIELD!!!!!

  19. Meeting Senior Needs who partnered with Community Action Partners of Riverside and SCE – their team effort assisted us in restoring our electricity for me and my family – we have a 20 yr old son with a medical disability who has seizures – I felt as though they were putting out their heart and soul during our crisis. MSN is an asset to our community here in Cabazon CA – They have truely been an angel in the outfield for my family. I will be glad to tell anyone that I give them full endorsement.

  20. I live in Sun City CA – my sister Mary told me about Meeting Seniors Need and how they helped her back in 2010 – when I met with MSNH they completed an assessment on me and at the time I had no income with a pending Work Comp case / denied for CA state disability. MSNH within 30 days assisted me in getting approved for 1 year of State Disability benefits – October 24, 2012 I MSNH assisted in increasing my Social Security / SSI benefits that will begin November 2012

  21. October 2012 I was referred to MSNH by my mother. I needed advocacy support to resolve a concern with cancelling an insurance policy and requesting a credit for insurance premiums that were deducted from my savings account dating back from June 2011 thru June 2012. With the assistance of MSNH staff and the team effort of an Altura Credit Union Supervisor – the supervisor authorized a credit of $90.00 that will be applied to my November 2012 bank statement. I appreciate the support of all the staff at MSNH who took time and made several calls on my behalf to resolve my concern.

  22. I Silvia Robles would like to thank msnh and in particular Ms Marnice Smith for helping me get food stamps apply for medical and an appointment with social security. I have been homeless bouncing back and forth for several months. Because of my medical condition I cannot hold a job. I now look forward to a better future thanks to this organization.

  23. I visited the office of MSNH today with a friend and to inquire about Section 8 Housing. The staff was professional and very knowledgeable. There are services available to me as a disabled senior that I was not aware of. Thento I have been calling the Social Service Coordinators, LLC for almost a year and have gotten the run around and no one ever returns my calls nor have they tried to assist me with medical assistance coverage that I’m currently paying out of pocket expenses but Marnice, Erika and Ally all helped me to complete the paperwork in their office and made the necessary phone calls to get the assistance I need. I truly appreciate them all and would recommend them to any senior needing help as well as them being able to identify quikcly what you are eligible for as a seniors. Thanks so Much, I appreciate each of you.

  24. I wanted to share my most recent experience as a volunteer here at MSNH: I had no idea all the ways individuals in our community were needing advocacy; needless to say, it has been an eye opening experience. Today I witnessed a Veteran family, with a disabled son, have their electricity turned back on after it had been disconnected for several days. I don’t know if this could have been done without my director’s tireless dedication to this outcome and sincere desire to see this family out of their dire situation. This experience reminds me of the importance of the services that are offered with this organization: Advocating for people in our community so they receive the various services they’re entitled to, and always remembering that seniors, disabled individuals, and Veterans, play invaluable roles in our community.

  25. May god continully bless MSNH. I am Marnice’s mother and I was denied sacramento senior housing and my daughter who is so wise in these matters contacted the housing authority and said I was intitled to reasonable accomadation and today I am waiting to move into my new apartment. I hope she expands her wisdom and knowledge to other parts of the country and the world. Seniors you can’t go wrong with MSNH, it can save your life.

  26. A Special Thanks to Meeting Seniors Needs Hotline and Marnice Smith. Ms. Smith serves the needs of the Seniors at the James A. Veneable Community Center in CAbazon, CA. Recemtly she helped provide two Veterans get approval for food stamps. These vets had been trying to receive food stamps for over a year. With Marnice’s help they got approval for food stamps. One vet was approved within 24 hours by Ms. Smith’s ability of cutting through the red tape. In another case Marnice got approval for a much deserved ramp for a senior in his home. Thanks again to you Marnice Smith and your staff for the wonderful work you do for the Seniors and the Community.

  27. I am a Veteran residing in Columbia, MS – June 2011 a friend of mine Anthony referred me to Meeting Seniors Needs – I wanted to get help with / relief with the cost of my prescription drugs – Marnice Smith after her assessment, reviewing a list of services they offer – she advised me that MSN wouldn’t be able to assist in this area but she does have a list of preferred vendors who could assist me so I asked how I could get in contact with them – she read off a few and I Chose In Touch Resources and asked if they could contact me – I was also interested and needed an Advance Health Care Directive – MSN researched and found the right one for Mississippi State – reading all the questiongs and filled in all my answers and mailed it to me with detail instructions for witnesses and notary – thanks to MSN my health care wishes are notorized and I made sure my family and physicians had a notorized copy.

  28. I found myself needing emergency assistance from Meeting Seniors Needs June 2012 – I was being evicted from my apartment – I called and Marnice Smith listened – made calls to upper management at my apartment complex – she requested reasonable accommodation / modification to extend the 30 day notice I was issued – management granted the extension – she made calls to the new apartment where I was accepted – they were requiring a $600 deposit to hold the apartment – Marnice was able to get them to hold it without the deposit – she made calls to Riverside Housing Authority to expedite my inspection / 7-31-12 I was served with an unlawfuld detainer – my inspection scheduled for 8-1-12 I was given the keys to move in the same day – Marnice called me 8-15-12 and told me she was able to negotiate regarding the possible evitions – management sent her a letter confirming that they had dismissed my evition – Meeting Seniors Needs was my “Angel in the Outfield” my family and I really appreciate all your support

  29. July 2011 My daughter referred me to Meeting Seniors Needs – I needed their support to help me with my section 8 voucher that was issued with an error – I was approved for a 2 bedroom the voucher that I received was reflecting only 1 bedroom – Marnice Smith assisted me in not only getting that corrected, but she made sure the reissue date was changed to the date my corrected 2 bd voucher was issued assuring that I would have the full 60 days to search for a place – she also took me around to look at apartments – we moved into our new apartment shortly after – Marnice was patient with me, she followed up until I was approved and moved into my place

  30. Marnice applied for food stamps on my behalf – she called Banning DPSS office – they turned me away – Marnice Smith called the manager and within the 24 hour window – I was approved for food stamps – I smiled and I’m happy that I settled down to allow Marnice Smith with Meeting Seniors Needs help me

  31. I am an American Citizen – hispanic – living in White Water, CA / 8-6-12 my friend Esperanza took me to Cabazon local community center – I didn’t believe anyone could help me – I am a disabled veteran – Army – I needed to find out the status of any arrest records – Marnice Smith with Meeting Seniors Needs got on the phone called San Bernardino and Barstow county sherriffs – Marnice identified herself – Barstow released my DL# – Marnice searched Riverside and San Bernardino counties – I had no outstanding warrants – I applied for food stamps in Banning CA and was denied because of a 2007 case – I have been living without any food stamps / income over a year now

  32. I am a 50 year old disabled veteran diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who has been living without income and food stamps for quite some time – I have a case pending with Social Security – I am a residence of Cabazon here in Riverside County – while at James A Venable Community Center located in Cabazon CA I met Marnice Smith with Meeting Seniors Needs who on the spot applied for my food stamps online 8-6-12 – I’ve never met someone who went over and above the call of duty to help me – I went into Banning DPSS office 8-13-12 and picked up my food stamp card with over $150.00 of benefits on my card enabling me to buy food – thanks to the team effort of Banning DPSS staff and Meeting Seniors Needs I can expect to at least have food on a monthly basis

  33. I am writing this testimony on behalf of mother Karlita Santos. We are happy that we went to meet with Marnice Smith, of the Seniors Hotline, at her office in Riverside. My mother had applied for Part A of Medicare way back in 2009. But, we were unable to get approved. We brought the matter before Marnice Smith, who got to work on the case right away. She was able to talk to both supervisors at the federal and state level and was approved in three weeks. Now my mother was able to join a Medicare advantage plan. Thanks to Marnice Smith.

  34. After the team effort of Meeting Seniors Needs and Riverside DPSS I was approved this week for Medi-Cal. In getting approve for this benefit I no longer have to pay for my monthly Medicare Premium and little to no co-payments for doctor, specialist visits, RX and more – that is a savings of over $1,200 annually. I think Meeting Senior Needs is a fantastic program. They have helped me in so many different ways. They are very informant on all different levels and also very prompt. They are very nice and make you feel like your needs are very important and do everything that they need to do to make you feel at ease.

  35. I would like to give you an update on my testimonial from July 7th, 2012. Today I received an email through my advocate Marnice Smith founder of MSNH, from Lorena Brambia of the Social Security office. Because of the combined efforts of Ms. Smith and the Social Security office my SSI overpayment was waived . This has been a true blessing for me and I cannot thank either of them enough for all the consideration that was given to this matter.

  36. Hello – My name is Theodora Sheldon – below is a series of accounts where I am wanting to communicate potential fraugulent activity – Riverside Office on Aging referred me to Meeting Seniors Needs Hotline June 2012 – I have an “URGENT” need that requires the support within 48 hour to help me ‘SAVE MY HOME” I am in search of an honest Real Estate and Bankruptcy Attorney – I am 76 years of age – diagnosed with Polio when I was 3 months old – I own a home in Riverside CA – I homestead my home back in the 80’s – my husband died in 2001 – I added my brother to the deed which was notarized 2001 – 2002 I paid off my home – to date I am current on my homeowner association dues – 2003 another member and I disagreed with the association who hired a property management company to manage a raw piece of land, so we took the association to court because all 77 members were not given the opportunity to vote – the only reason the case was dismissed is because the defense didn’t respond for 14 months Ms. Sheldon / plaintiff filed notice of default – defense answered – the judge allowed him to continue – none of the defendants did discovery – the judge set it for trial – so plaintiff had their attorney dismissed the case – after the hearing the defense attorney claimed and filed a motion to the court that he was the prevailing party and he was granted $30K – CCR’s do not mention anything about a prevailing party – plaintiff filed an appeal – the judge at the appeals court asked the defense attorney do the CCR’s call for attorney fees and the defense attorney answered yes – the plaintiff attorney denied it – the court had the responsibility to confirm the language in the CCR’s but they did not – but granted the defense attorney an additional $13k 11/8/07 Ms. Sheldon filed for bankruptcy – she was represented by an attorney – the association attorney is named in the chapter 7 bankruptcy petition – the association is not named in her petition because she did not owe them any assessment fees – the attorney for the association appeared at the creditor’s hearing – another attorney from his office appeared to represent the association – a judgment was filed to pay fees to a board member who is not an attorney who is not the creditor and is not named in the petition – November 26, 2011 I was wrongfully evicted from my home by the association – the eviction was filed by the bankruptcy trustee and not the association – December 1, 2011 I was locked out of my home by Riverside County Sherriff – November 17, 2011 I had major bone foot surgery – I was staying with my friend – I was given a 3 day notice to vacate I wasn’t living at my house due to the surgery – the bankruptcy trustees attorney left 5 notices at my door – I was not properly served – I didn’t get the notices until after the bankruptcy trustee evicted me – the bankruptcy trustee realtor accused me of being a threat to her and that a deputy sheriff had told her that – which the deputy sheriff denies – I have been out of my home ever since – I have until July 30th to move all of my household goods out – in that I am 76 years of age with a disability and have over 33 years of accumulative household belongings that must be move in 1 day – Marnice Smith has written letters to my bankruptcy attorney requesting that he file a motion requesting Reasonable Accommodation / Modification to extend my date allowing me additional time to pack and load my items – my bankruptcy attorney refused to file the motion in court I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME – I am believing that there is an “Angel in the Outfield” that can contact MSN President / CEO Marnice Smith who has written letters, made calls on my behalf – Marnice Smith has gone over and above the call of duty – in that I have MSN advocating on my behalf it has given me a great deal of comfort – if it were not for Marnice Smith and all of her supporting I’m not sure how this would have affected me physically and mentally – MSN and I both believe that the “Statue of Limitation” should not apply to Senior Citizens in this country – who are victimized daily and are losing their homes.

  37. I found myself in a tough spot and found MSHN where I worked with Marnice Smith who assisted me with kindness and patients. The San Bernardino HEAP program helped me to stay a float and Ms. Smith created a comfortable and welcoming enviorment to recieve service in. I am so thankful for having been able to work with her and know through this program!

  38. I was introduced to Marnice Smith by a friend who was in need of the services offered by MSNH. At that time I was not seeking help, however, I was impressed by her tenacity and willingness to resolve my friend’s problem. Shortly after our meeting I found myself in a tight situation concerning an alleged overpayment to Social Security.I turned to MSNH for help. While trying to sort this problem out Ms. Smith advised me that I was eligible for Medical and immediately went to work on these issues. After many phone calls to both agencies and a visit by her to the Social Security office, she was able to get me the benefit of Medical and a postponement of penalty with the S.S. dept.. She continues to work diligently to resolve my current problem.I do not have that fight in me and I am afraid I would have given up without her by my side.

  39. One of Riverside County Dept of Rehab Representatives referred me to MSNH – I originally placed a call to MSNH because my sister who had a stroke needed assistance – after hearing that MSNH provided housing advocacy support – I called on MSNH support with my housing need – MSNH assisted me with my porting my Section 8 Housing benefit from Los Angeles County to Riverside County – I located a nice senior unit in Riverside County – I was a little disatisfied with the location of my unit – I am legally blind and the 2nd floor unit I was considering was above a unit with a barking dog – previously I had a bad experiences with dogs – MSNH assisted me in bringing awareness – they generated a detailed letter advocating on my behalf and after the Senior Living Community General Manager reviewed my concern – he agreed to work with me and I felt it was in my best interest to stay

  40. I heard about MSNH while at Moreno Valley Senior Center in Moreno Valley, CA – I had a problem with In Home Supportive Services and fraud. I’ve been working on this problem for about 1 year, and got absolutely nowhere. MSNH stepped in and helped me contact the right people – said the right thing, and after about 5 months of phone calls with MSNH to IHSS to their fraud department – it has been resolved. Now my caregiver will get her pay and the caregiver who committed fraud will be red flagged. Thank you MSNH – you have taken a lot of stress off my shoulders and I now can turn my mind off at night.

  41. Reading testimonials lke these really make you take notice of what MSNH is doing for others as well as appreciate the dedication of the staff and founder of this awesome organization. May God continue to richly bless and keep you always. Please do not stop what you are doing, there are many others who need your assistance. With your permission, I will do all I can to inform others of your services and need for assistance and donations. Once again, I pray that God continues to bless you, Ms. Smith, and you are provided all that is needed to keep this program going.

  42. MSNHotline was doing a educational workshop at Banning Senior Center when I met Ms Smith. I was behind on my rent and through the workshop I learned that Riverside County had a Homeless Prevention Program (HPRP) – Ms. Smith was patient with me – called and assisted with getting me prescreened, assisted me with completing the application, I mailed her all of my requirements and Ms. Smith hand delivered my application and requirements to RHA – Ms. Smith also placed a call to the owner of the house I rent and explained the program and process – thankfully he didn’t serve me with an Unlawful Detainer – December 2, 2011 I was approved for the HPRP program – they are paying all of my rental arrears – late fees, etc. Thanks to the joint effort of RHA and MSNHotline for assisting me timely and saving me from being evicted out of the home I’m renting.

  43. I met Marnice Smith at the Riverside Housing Authority – October 2011 she assisted me in completing my Medi-Cal application online and walked me through the complete application process – November 2011 I was approved for Medi-Cal. MSNHotline I appreciate all your support.

  44. I was in need of emergency housing in that my great grandson (14yrs – 5’7″ 193lbs) was diagnosed with behavior problems and becoming increasingly violent, and there was a concern for my safety. While at Moreno Valley Senior Center I met Marnice Smith / Meeting Seniors Needs Director and volunteers who assisted me in getting approved for Riverside County Emergency Housing Program (HPRP) that will assist me with moving into my own apartment – I appreciate the team effort of Riverside Housing Authority and MSNHotline I am now afforded benefits that will assist me with moving cost MSNHotline / Marnice Smith also assisted me with applying for IHSS over the phone – one of the requirements is that I have Medi-Cal Marnice was patient and assist me in filling out my Medi-Cal Application – she made copies of all my requirements and hand delivered my Medi-Cal application and requirements to the Riverside Medi-Cal office – 12-1-11 I received an approval notice of action that I was approved for full Medi-Cal and soon I will get approval for IHSS and have a caregiver assist me with Activities for Daily Living (ADL’s) – I appreciate the continued support of MSNHotline as they walk me through getting approved for benefits and services I’m needing

  45. Dear Mrs. Smith: This is just a little note to let you and the others at Meeting Seniors Needs know how very much I thank you for all that you have done on my behalf. I truly don’t know what I would have done without you back in February / March 2011. You and your associate Mrs. Lopez truly went above and beyond your calling with my situation. Everyone needs to know about this organization. Your expertise in this field is truly a blessing. Your dedication to your work for the people that are seniors that have no one to care about them and the problems that we face on a daily basis have been exemplified in the work that you did on my problem. More people need to know about the situation with the Social Security Administration. What they did to me was very inhumane and I am sure they are doing it too others, but I thank God that he sent his Angel of Mercy and Grace to see about me his CHILD. Marnice keep doing what you are doing for the good of the people and watch the Blessing that will Fall on you from God and others. MSNHotline kept me and my family from being Homeless, Hungry and possibly Death by getting my benefits restored and most of all getting my medications by getting me in a prescription plan. I will do any and everything that you need from me to make others aware of the work that you and others at Meeting Senior Needs do. May the Lord continue to Bless the Organization and Pour Special Blesing out to you. Claudette Moore

  46. In a previous testimonial I thought my overpayment concern with Social Security was resolved – 30 days after being told to expect reimbursement, I received a letter stating otherwise. I had to call on the support of MSNHotline and with continual follow-up by Marnice Smith – November 2011 I finally received a letter that clearly confirms that I should have never been charged with an overpayment, the overpayment was removed and Social Security reimbursed me all monies that was deducted from my benefits dating back to May 2011. MSNHotline is a valued service and I’m grateful that they were there for me until my concern was completely resolved.

  47. My wife and I moved into a Senior Living Apartment / housing June 26, 2011 (a tax credit property) and the first week in July my wife passed – the rent was based on our combined income – when she passed, my income decreased and I couldn’t afford the rent of $700 per month, after several attempts of asking my apartment leasing management to reduce my rent – friends of mine introduced me to MSNHotline / Marnice Smith and her volunteers assisted me in requesting reasonable accommodations that would allow me to remain in my apartment but at a reduced rent, they also assisted me with completing required new rental application and MSNHotline with consistent negotiations – I received a letter confirming that my rent starting 11-1-11 would be reduced from $700.00 per month to $442.00 per month – thanks to MSNHotline I am now paying affordable rent

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