Meeting Seniors Needs Hotline, Seniors, Veterans, and Persons with Disabilities Lifestyle Advocacy

Are you tired of automated telephone systems, extended hold times, being referred to one number only to be asked to call another when calling agencies like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and/or Medi-Cal?

Lifestyle Advocates will make calls on behalf of Seniors (55+), Veterans and Persons with Disabilities (any age) nationwide to get the answers they need and deserve. This allows more time to focus on staying healthy, enjoying life, and NOT on hold. And best of all...

MSNH help Seniors, Veterans and the Persons with Disabilities (and those who care for them) nationwide gain access to vital resources in time of need. As Personal Advocates they will help members of this vulnerable group (or their caretakers) locate all available aid and navigate the maze of regulations and processes necessary to gain access. And, when needed, they will act as a Third Party Representative challenging the individuals or bureaucracies that are being unresponsive, insensitive or just irresponsible to “Do what’s Right!”

    Things were spiraling out of control, I was at my wits end trying to get the proper assistance for my aging parents. I thought I had no recourse to fight a system that continuously ignored their needs. Then MSNH came in and fought for us and educated us of our rights. Their knowledgeable and caring staff handled everything promptly and professionally. We can smile and laugh today when we couldn’t before, thanks to MSNH”

      -Estelle Fernandez